So proud of you, new daddy!!

While a lot of people may advocate that it is toughest for the mom, We think it is a huge challenge for the dads too…We are not just talking about the finances here…


Here are a few things you dads MUST remember to do right after your little one is out…

  1. Hold your little one!!

Many dads don’t do this enough..while they may play with their kids for hours together while they grow, they miss out holding them when they are tiny and helpless…feel the wrinkly soft skin against yours..She may just fit into your forearms!!!

  1. Record the Mommy tandrums!!

While you must respond appropriately to her tandrums and keep telling her how beautiful she looks with swollen eyes (‘the supportive husband’) it is also worthwhile to jot down your wife’s emotions and your response to these. She may soon forget it, but you could show it to her when she uses her one liner (I had to go through labour..bla bla). Tot for Tat huh!! or gift it to her when u think she is over it!!

  1. Click your little one

While your wife maybe too tired to think of clicking, you can put up the props and click your little you against her…your palm against hers..

  1. Be prepared..

For the rapid change in your lifestyle..So if your wife was the perfect wife who catered to all your need pre-delivery, there is a high probability that she would strive to cater to your new born now…so you are the elder son..Be ready for the change..Arrange for food and house chores with someone else (LOL) !!

  1. Go back to your guys!!

It would be a good idea to spend a couple of hours during the week with your friends…just to unwind from the you realise that your wife takes out her frustration on you coz you are her pillar…but remember u need to let it out too…

  1. This too shall pass..

Good or bad it is here not to stay. SO be happy…if you think you cant handle it any longer…tell yourself in another couple of months, your wife will be a close self of the girl you fell in love with again..and your new born would be human soon.. If you already love it, then embrace it and enjoy as it lasts!!


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