Bangalore traffic musings : Autowalas and Me – Episode 1!!

So my day starts far before the sun is up…I rush my way through a bit of housework, a bit of Dhruv, a lots of this and that, throw the rest at my beloved mom in law…Hop into my car, hoping against hope that I can cover the 8kms from home to office which would normally take me 25 mins, in 12 mins. In my earnest chase, I speed off the Bangalore roads, clearing the first clogged junction, after making my intentions loud to my fellow drivers (well, we all know what we think when a lady drives. So let’s not think about their perspective when a lady tries to race against time on the road!!) All well till now. Then I climb up a flyover…oblivious that this would mean the end of my race. An auto behind me thinks am too smart, he overtakes. Fine with me as long as I can keep my speedometer rising! Then another auto thinks he is too smart and tries to overtake both of us from the left. So here we are, one big happy family of 2 autos and an Eon driving in perfect coordination like we are performing a drill at the parade!! auto vs car copy The auto in front of me can’t go any faster or the engine will throw up…the auto to my left still thinks he can push his engine to perform better… And I am honking…peep..peeeeeep…peeepppppp… After a few minutes I realize that this would go on for another 5 mins till the road gets broader… I realise it is a futile effort. I give up..take a deep breath in … pull up the window…switch on the radio and laugh with Shradha on 104FM… SO there goes another day late to work…The world is functioning just as well though..So I assume my punctuality is of little consequence to the greater beings but I shall strive to be on time tomorrow. I promise!

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