Mummy’s Broken Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner!!)

12 So every time I try to get any work…cleaning…getting dressed for work..or have breakfast, something peculiar happens.

Every single time.

I will be gulping down my breakfast and I hear Dhruv calling out to me from the living room, ‘Maa…wanna pee….urrrrrgent…’

Sabarish runs up saying ‘Come lets go to the Loo..’

He says ‘ NO. Ma’ll take Dhruv to the loo..’

I place my half eaten breakfast away and accept his demand like a crown of a beauty pageant.

I run up to him saying… ‘hold on…don’t go .. don’t go.. Ma’ll take you to the loo..’

I sweep him up and take him to the nearest loo(which happens to be his grandmother’s) and I put him down to do his business…

He says ‘ Dhruv will go only in Dhruv’s loo..’

I try to negotiate ‘Just go or you’ll wet your pants..’

He says ‘Dhruv can wait till Dhruv reaches Dhruv’s loo..!!’

At this point, I count till 10 and bite my tongue, so that I don’t freak out (my house is the least toddler friendly and running up from the living room to his bedroom every time he wants to pee is quite cumbersome..)

I take him upstairs to his loo and finally he goes about his business.

Phew..I reach down and continue with my breakfast…

  1. Wondering how his timing can be this perfect..
  2. Impressed by his negotiation skills..
  3. Amused by his reference to himself as a third person..

and then he calls out to me again…only this time it’s a poop story!!!

More on that later! (don’t worry it isn’t all that Eww!!)

All mommies know what this is about. All kids feel the urge to pee and poop almost always when the mom puts a morsel of food in her mouth.

As irritating as it can be, this is a truth all of us have to live with.

Patience mommies, Patience!

Maybe some we will relish food, the way it is meant to be.

By then, we would have gotten so used to eating food this way that delicious food may mean cold dry and not warm and juicy!

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